This week, get your Star Trek on!  Klingon, Vulcan, whatever your affiliation, the Wallace Parking Deck will be your portal to the Starship Enterprise this week.      Free popcorn and telescope demonstrations and fun kid events with make this a super fun evening for Trekkies and non-alike.    May the force be with them to bring us a dry and starry night. Oh wait, that movie references is for 7/28.  Beam me up, Scotty, I need to catch the Tour stage, stat.
Movies Under the Stars Summer 2016

Mobility and Connectivity Kickoff!

Comments from our June 30th Mobility and Connectivity meeting.

Turnout and participation were great, my pics are not (even though shot with iPhone 6!).

You can give us your input on-line, too.  Please add comments to our wikimap and take the survey.  Thanks in advance for helping us make Chapel Hill a better place to go around.

Enjoy an active 4th of July weekend!