Open House: Draft Mobility and Connectivity Plan

Do you walk, bike, run or ride the bus around town? Give us your feedback on the draft Mobility and Connectivity Plan on Aug. 15.


Do you walk, bike, run, or ride the bus around Chapel Hill? The Town of Chapel Hill wants your feedback on the draft recommendations of the Mobility and Connectivity Plan!
The Open House Session for the Draft Mobility and Connectivity Plan will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 15, in the first floor lobby of Chapel Hill Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Drop in anytime between 4 and 7 p.m.
The open house is drop-in style with no formal presentation. Staff will be available to discuss maps and materials during the open house.

About the Plan

In 2016, the Town of Chapel Hill Planning and Development Services Department initiated this planning effort in consultation with Stewart Inc., an engineering, design and planning firm located in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte.
The Mobility and Connectivity Plan outlines the steps necessary for Chapel Hill to become a community where bicycling, walking, and riding transit are safe and convenient everyday choices. The draft plan is an overall network exercise looking at bicycle, pedestrian, and greenway connectivity, along with transit stop access, throughout the Town. It includes a prioritized list of both short- and long-term projects to improve non-motorized transportation opportunities in Chapel Hill. The Mobility Plan will complement and expand upon existing adopted plans including the Chapel Hill Bike Plan (2014), and the Greenways Master Plan (2013).

Next Steps

The next several months will involve advisory board review of the draft plan. The plan will be considered for adoption by the Chapel Hill Town Council in October.
For more information, contact Bergen Watterson, Transportation Planning Manager, at 919-969-5064 or
The full draft of the Mobility and Connectivity Plan can be found at

Nominations Open for Golden Mode Awards 2017!

Golden Modes Nominations are Open!

Annually, we recognize individuals, employers & organizations committed to promoting sustainable transportation, improving our environment and reducing tra­ffic. Last year we added developers and property manager awards, too. Please take a few minutes to nominate an individual or company to let them know their dedication to smart commuting is appreciated – you can even nominate yourself! In fact, we encourage it!

Nominating is quick and easy. We only need contact information and a short description of why your nominee deserves to win. Winners will be recognized at the 2017 Golden Modes Award Ceremony on November 9th.

Nominate online or review each category and use the links below. Nominations close Monday, July 31.

Click to Nominate a Commuter: Recognize someone who is committed to getting to work/school without driving alone. Awards include:

  • Golden Spoke – for bicyclists
  • Golden Ticket – for transit riders
  • Golden Sneaker – for walkers, runners, skateboarders, roller skaters…
  • Pool Party Award – for carpoolers & vanpoolers
  • Multimode Innovator – for those using a combination of modes to travel

Click to Nominate an Employer or Employer Transportation Coordinator: Recognize an employer or staff member that offers excellent commuter benefits. Awards include:

  • Employer Commute Champion – employer that offers top-tier commuter benefits and facilities
  • Employer Commute Honors – employer with most improved commuter benefits over the past year (July 2016 – June 2017)
  • ETC Honors –a workplace coordinator who shows a commitment to smart commuting and takes exemplary efforts to encourage employees to do the same.


Click to Nominate a Community Champion: Community Impact Honors recognize a volunteer group, community organization, individual advocate or community event that has made a meaningful contribution to or impact on improving regional transportation options – whether through partnerships, planning, education or awareness.

Click to Nominate a Golden Placemaker: We recognize that all of the locations a commuter visits as part of their life impact the ability to choose sustainable travel options, not just their workplace. This Golden Modes Award recognizes developers & property managers who are enabling tenants, residents, or visitors to participate in daily life by providing or supporting practical alternatives to private car use. We would like to acknowledge those who have built new, retrofitted, or added to their location over time so that it is designed to encourage biking, walking, use of public transportation, and ridesharing such as carpooling – even if that is through including on-site options such as daycare, dry cleaning or grocery stores so a visitor or resident can reduce the number of trips they have to make.

Want a little inspiration? You can see videos of last year’s winners from all categories online.

Thank you for your support! Each year we rotate the Golden Modes Awards Ceremony to a new Triangle location. We look forward to seeing you in Wake County on November 9th! More details to come!